Education Fund


The Haiti ARISE Education Fund Program is set up to help provide a way for children and young people to go to school and to teach them that they can become self-sufficient and make a difference in their own communities. The program is designed to assist students in primary, secondary and post-secondary education.

Current Operations

The Education Fund helps students attend schools outside of Haiti ARISE Ministries, as well as students attending our Elementary School, Technical & Professional School & Bible College. As funds are received, our Education Fund director sees that each sponsored student has their school fees paid at their educational institution. Once these expenses are covered, other students that are not specifically sponsored are able to receive help as well.

For as little $35 a month, you can make a difference in the life of a child, young adult student or a whole class! Haiti ARISE Education Fund is designed to help students receive an education who would otherwise not have this opportunity. Your sponsorship helps cover your child’s school fees, and gives a promise of a brighter future!

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There are 4 sponsorship options through our Education Fund:

1. Primary or secondary school student for $35/ month.
Sponsor a child to pay for your student's school entry and registration fees, and monthly fees. You will receive a photo, info card and letter from your sponsored student once a year.

2. A whole Elementary School class  for $100/month
Help pay a teacher's salary and purchase needed class materials and books in our elementary school, College Le Renouveau d'Haiti. You will receive a class photo, info card and letter from your sponsored class students once a year.

3. Technical School student for $100/ month.
There are many young adults that have no opportunity to continue their education without sponsorship. You can help a young student achieve their dreams by investing in their training. Your sponsorship will go towards their school fees, materials, and in some cases, transportation and housing. You will receive a photo, info card and letter from your sponsored student once a year. 

4. Sponsor the Education Fund in general for $35/ month or more.
Your support will potentially go to help many students with their schooling. Often times, parents are unable to afford all of their children's school fees and throughout the year many request help to pay their entry fees, a monthly fee, or materials on a one time basis. Any surplus funds in the Education Fund after the needs of our sponsored students are met are going towards the construction of a new school building on the South Campus property.

Communicate with Your Sponsored Student

You are welcome to send a scanned letter/card, email or monetary gift through Haiti ARISE Ministries to your sponsor student, following these guidelines:

Email letters may be sent to

When sending emails, scanned letters or cards, please do not discuss money, personal issues or imply invitation outside of Haiti. Feel free to include your family photos.

Gifts may be given with your regular donations through our US or Canada office in a monetary value for one of the following:

  • Birthday or Christmas Gift - send an extra $20 at least two months before your student's birthday or Christmas to ensure they receive it on time. If you desire for a specific gift to be purchased, you may indicate so, and we will do our best to do so in Haiti.
  • Chicken or Rooster- send an extra $25 to provide the family with a chicken or rooster they can raise for meat, eggs or sale. 
  • Family Food Bundle- send an extra $30 to provide the family with a care package of a bag of dry rice, a bottle of oil & bouillon cubes. Package may include other varieties of spices or small items to help the family prepare a healthy meal. 
  • New Set of Church Clothes- send an extra $50 to provide a new pair of shoes and dress clothes for your student. Haitian church-goers always dress in their best.

 The benefiting students are attending public and private, classic and post-secondary schools outside of Haiti ARISE, as well as at Haiti ARISE Elementary School, Le College Renouveau D’Haiti and Technical & Professional School.. Classes at the Technical School include; Bible, ESL, Sewing, Mechanics, Electricity, Plumbing, Tiling, Computers and Construction. Students attending our Haiti ARISE Elementary School receive a daily hot lunch as well. Parents are still required to give an entry fee contribution of 500gds/ year (about $10 US). Technical School students are still required to pay their minimal contribution fees. Sponsorship of tech school students helps cover the costs of the class materials, operations & teachers' salaries. 

An annual update will be done with all sponsored students including a recent photo and info card and letter to be sent their sponsor at the end of the school year. 

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If you have any questions about the Education Fund or you would like to sponsor a student please contact our Education Fund Administrator, Tania Thorne: